The brand of Szenttamási milk was presented at two more exhibitions

Days of the National Chamber of Agriculture of Mezőfalva

Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Ltd. also took part in the Field Days event organized by the National Chamber of Agriculture between 1-2 June 2022 with its own brand, Szenttamási dairy products. The National Chamber of Agriculture’s Field Days and Agricultural Machinery show is one of the largest interprofessional event, with many exhibitors showcasing their products, services and innovations. The outstanding partner of TM Ltd’s crop production sector is the Bázismag Ltd – Marton Genetics group of companies, which participated in the event as a key exhibitor in its own field. Fulfilling their honorable invitation, the TM Ltd and Szenttamási milk brands were able to be present. The fresh dairy tasting become great success among the visitors. Based on a lot of positive feedback, it has been proven that TM Ltd is well on its way creating a true „old peaceful times” experience and producing premium quality.

Vitafort Partner Meeting

Thanks to its outstanding partnership, Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Ltd, with its fresh Szenttamási dairy products, was present at the Vitafort National Professional Partner Meeting in the early June 2022. TM Ltd maintains a long-term, high-quality relationship with Vitafort Ltd. In order to maintain the proper operation of the dairy farm, as the use of unexceptionable feed is essential for the production of high-quality dairy products. At the event, the company was able to strengthen its relations in a beautiful environment and in a pleasant atmosphere, seasoned with a popular dairy product tasting.

Szenttamási Tej