Seed Processing Plant

The activity of the seed grain processing plant is also essential for the success of the company.

The legal predecessor of the Agricultural Private Shareholding Company of Törökszentmiklós (i.e. the State Farm of Törökszentmiklós) built its seed grain processing plant in Szenttamás, and simultaniously began producing maize hybrids and wheat grains on arable land. Since then a significant amount of seeds from large lands have been processed by the company every year. By the early 90s the seed processing plant was processing maize hybrids from 5000 hectares, from which 2500-3000 hectares were integrated. After 1992 the eastern markets were closed and the production and processing of maize hybrids were decreased both at the company and of the integration.
Though the production and processing of maize hybrids decreased after the end of the Communism, compared to the national seed processing plants the company occupies a significant place. We have a storing capacity of 20 thousand tons, and the nominal capacity of seed processing is 12 thousand tons per year.
The company is an important partner of the French Limagrain Central Europe SE in producing maize hybrids. Since 1996 our co-operation has been comprised of processing, seed grain selling, storage and logistic service, also producing seed grains. Since 2006 the connection between the companies has become tighter, which has resulted in a growing size of arable land and larger product quantities. By 2009 the arable land, on which maize hybrids were produced for Limagrain, grew from 200 hectares to 1000 hectares.
Likewise, our company focuses on producing maize hybrids within the cultivation of plants, which is a profitable branch of the agricultural business. To increase the production of maize hybrids, more modern machines and equipment are needed, which is why the company began to modernize the seed grain processing plant in 2009.
Eventually the joint project with Limagrain will evoke the development of services provided by the seed grain plant, and establishing new connections with partners from eastern Hungary. This investment resulted the reconstruction of the 50-year-old seed grain processing plant. After the old plant had been demolished, a new and up-to-date, 910 m2 light construction hall was built , where the most modern purifying and classification machines work, which were produced by Cimbria Heid. The closed flow includes fine purification, classification and surface treatment of the seed grains until packaging of the finished product. The company also deals with the following, apart from processing its own seed grains:
– purification of wheat grain,
– drying, processing and packaging of maize grains,
– purification and processing of sunflower seeds,
– purification and processing of rape.
The company’s well-equipped laboratory is highly suitable for the determination of genetic, biological and technical values of seed grains.
We also have to mention the DSP drying and purifying plant in Surjány, whose storing capacity is 12 thousand tons. The company also provides this service for its partners.
Year by year the company keeps level with the ever changing necessities and quality requirements by continuously developing and modernizing its seed grain plant.