Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági LTD. implemented the modernization of the Szenttamás cattle farm from a source supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development entitled Modernization of Cattle Farms, code number VP2- that was announced by the Government of Hungary.

As a result of the development, a cattle farm with modern buildings, technology and service facilities was established at the Szenttamás dairy farm. The supported facilities of the development are calf village, calf barn, covered feeding road, drinking islands, wheel washing, silo storage, abstraction storage, dissection, pen system, milking parlor renovation, barn renovation, calf rearing renovation, barn renovation and barn interior flooring. Establishment of road and space pavements for facilities designed as part of infrastructure investment, construction of asphalt road and space pavements, renovation of fire water reservoir, social building, construction of on-site water network, fence construction and on-site electrical network. As part of the technological investment, renewed and modernized milking parlors and milking equipment using robot technology were also purchased. A 30 kWp solar system has also been installed as part of the renewable energy investment.

The amount of support contracted by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development is 445 598 592 HUF which means a subsidized investment worth 891 197 194 HUF with a 50% support intensity. The date of total implementation of the investment is 31 August 2021.