Horse Breeding

The tradition of horse breeding in Szenttamás goes back to the 1820s. The stables, home of the stud, is part of the impressive Szenttamás chateau.

The most successful horses of the stud – for example Turbo, Muskátli and Donatesso – have been buried in the horse cemetery located next to the stable walls. Since 2001 the company has taken great care to refresh the bloodlines of the stud, buying horses from England, Germany and Poland. The horse-breeding branch of the company mostly serves sport purposes. The horses achieve outstanding results in gallop competitions and races from time to time. We also pay special attention to preserve the traditions of equestrian sport and bringing our horses closer for the public.

Currently, the stud consists of 27 horses, out of which 10 are racehorses. The new generation of racehorses is guaranteed by 5 adult mares and 2 stallions, which are kept for breeding. Our shire stud is unique in the country. The worlds biggest horses are represented in Szenttamás by 3 brood mares and a stallion with more than 2 meters shoulder height. Our shire horses are impressive in hunting as well as before an Elizabeth coach.

The beautiful chateau with its park and surroundings is perfect for touristic purposes. The visiting guests can take part in hunting, horse activities or just go for a stroll in the park.

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