The Castle

The Almásy family resettled Szenttamás puszta which was deserted during the Ottoman era. They were given property rights for the surrounding areas of Törökszentmiklós in 1716 and in 1720. Szenttamási-puszta was acquired by Count Imre Almásy, who constructed the building complex between 1860 and 1890. In 1929 the Almasy family sold the Mansion. After its nationalization in 1945, it became a member of the Szenttamási State Farm and was used as its center until the early 80’s. In the next period it did not have any special functions, mainly served as a youth camp in summers (for maize detasseling works). The Törökszentmiklós Agricultural Ltd, which was established as a merger of several farms, was privatized in 2001.

Its renovation began in 2005, and was implemented in several phases. In autumn 2013, the Mansion reopened its gates to the public. Visitors can admire the picturesque park and chapel, can view the famous Szenttamási Stud horses and the gray cattle. Entrance for the Mansion park is free on Thursdays on a pre-registration basis. In summer 2014 a wedding ceremony took place here. On June 14, 2017, a ceremony for the 20th anniversary of CLAAS Hungária Kft. was organized among the walls of the Mansion. The Mansion’s park is an ideal location for shooting pre-wedding photography, and it is a favourite destination for photographers as well.

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