The company’s hunting ground is situated in the Great Hungarian Plain. Most of it is arable land and meadows, but there are also forest belts protecting the meadows. The 4250 hectares hunting ground is home of several species of large and small game.

Due to the company’s professional animal farming, a considerable number of high quality red deer live on the hunting ground, sometimes trophies weighing more than 550 grams can be shot. A stag in 2017 held the record of the heaviest trophy, which weighed 653 grams.

Wild boars, which do not breed on the company’s hunting ground, can also be found here. Hungarian and foreign hunters have a wonderful experience during hunting for small game, which is stocked with 1200 pheasants and 800 rabbits, plus a large number of wild ducks and drakes.

We pay special attention to preserve the natural habitat and the environment in the course of hunting and animal farming.