Agricultural Machinery Services

The first priority for the service provider branch of the company is to perform the work on arable land by machines, and store the fodder and hay for litter.

The company can provide services for external farmers with its machines if necessary. The continuously developing engines and machines make it possible to apply efficient and cost-efficient agricultural technology, and it makes work on arable land fast and accurate. Repairing and preparation of the machines for the season is mainly done in our workshop. Help is also guaranteed by professional workshops in some special cases.

– cultivation of soil (ploughing, loosening of subsoil, harrowing)
– preparation of seedbeds for sowing
– fertilization (using organic and inorganic fertilizers)
– sowing
– plant treatment (sprinkling, lead cultivation, watering)
– harvest of alfalfa and grass (hay-making, swath treatment, baling and transportation)
– silage making (making silage, bunker silo)
– harvesting grain crops and corn on the cob
– crushing, baling and transportation of by-products and stem residues
– repairing of engines and machines.

The machines of the company have been greatly modernized recently. The company currently possesses the most modern machines which can meet the utmost requirements.

We undertake mechanical and hydraulic repair of MTZ tractors (MTZ 50, 80 and 82). Minor repairs are done at the customer’s place, major repairs are carried out in our well-equipped workshop.

Call-out fee: 140 HUF/km (net)

Repair Fee: 6,000 HUF/hour (net)

Contact: Mobile (between 8.00-15.00): 06-30/206-1863

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