The Company

“Ha a föld isten kalapja, Hazánk a bokréta rajta!” (Petőfi)

The Agricultural Private Shareholding Company of Törökszentmiklós was founded by the Hungarian Privatisation and Holding Company as the legal successor to the State Farm of Törökszentmiklós. The recent company structure was established in 1994. The company grew to its current size after the compensation process had been completed.

Since 2001 there has been a significant change in the ownership of the Agricultural Private Shareholding Company of Törökszentmiklós due to the fact that the company was designated to privatization by a government decree.

The territory of the Agricultural Private Shareholding Company of Törökszentmiklós is situated in Nagykunság of the Trans-Tisza region in the middle of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county. The 3900 acres of land of our Company are adjacent to 8 communities. Our lands are flat and the soil is variegated. The majority is meadow black earth and chernozem that mix with some alkaline soil. The climate is extreme continental. The annual precipitation is 300-450 mm, which is below the national average; however, it is not typical of the year 2010.

The Agricultural Private Shareholding Company of Törökszentmiklós deals with cultivating plants, seed grain procession, provision of agricultural machines and animal breeding. Horse-breeding and hunting are of overriding importance. Later you can read about our activities separately in details.

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Our Services

Crop Cultivation

The Agricultural Private Shareholding Company of Törökszentmiklós runs its business on 3900 acres – our fields can be found in the districts Szenttamási, Vadas and Csorba.

Cattle Breeding

Cattle-breeding was the particular activity of the company until 2010. The milk producing dairy farm – with Holstein-Friz stock – was one of the most significant stocks of cattle in our county.

Horse Breeding

The tradition of horse breeding in Szenttamás goes back to the 1820s. The stables, home of the stud, is part of the impressive Szenttamás chateau.

Seed Processing Plant

The activity of the seed grain processing plant is also essential for the success of the company.


On 30th September 2016 the Consortium proposed a tender under the title “Genetic Utilization of Plants in the Pannon Region”.


The company’s hunting ground is situated in the Great Hungarian Plain. Most of it is arable land and meadows, but there are also forest belts protecting the meadows.

Agricultural Machinery Services

The first priority for the service provider branch of the company is to perform the work on arable land by machines, and store the fodder and hay for litter.

The Castle

The Almásy family resettled Szenttamás puszta which was deserted during the Ottoman era. They were given property rights for the surrounding areas of Törökszentmiklós in 1716 and in 1720.


Our Colleagues

Tacopulosz Péter
Tacopulosz Péter


Mickucza Péter
Miskucza Péter

Agricultural Economics Manager

Debreczeni János
Debreceni János

Crop Management Division Director

Szarka Lajos
Szarka Lajos

Seed Processing Plant Division Director

Gönczi István

Cattle Breeding Division Director

Szuna Szabolcs
Szuna Szabolcs

Horse Breeding Division Director

Fejes István

Mansion Facility Director

Stamp Tamás

Hunting Division Director

Záhorszky Gábor

General Services Division Director

Babják Csilla
Babják Csilla

Procurement Consultant


Dairy farm Director

Posztós István
Posztós István

Pannon Breeding Sales Manager

Várhelyi Andrea

Pannon Breeding Project Coordinator