Crop Cultivaton

The Agricultural Private Shareholding Company of Törökszentmiklós runs its business on 3900 acres – our fields can be found in the districts Szenttamási, Vadas and Csorba – and we cultivate plants on 3900 acres of arable land.

Approximately 86 % of our agricultural area can be irrigated, and irrigation is carried out with a modern and linear irrigation plant. All this contributes to the safe cultivation of demanding and intensive plants. Besides the development of irrigation, great care is devoted to melioration too. The arable land of the Company is of 27.47 AK quality.

The main task of arable farming is to supply the company’s seed-processing plant with commodities, to produce the necessary quantity of fodder crops and to grow plants for sale on the remaining fields.

Out of all arable land we produce maize hybrids on 800 hectares, winter wheat on 800 hectares, but the production of sunflowers, leguminous plants, rape and silo maize is also essential.

Since 1996 we have produced seed grain as a crucial partner of Limagrain. In the forthcoming years we would like to place emphasis on producing seed grains and maize hybrids.

The protection of the environment is greatly emphasised in our activities. For this reason the company joined the Agricultural Environment Protection Programme. Considering our natural environment we always develop sowing systems according to the actual needs of the market and of the consumers in compliance with the regulations of the Agricultural Environment Protection Programme.

During the past years we have created a successful integration with the farmers of the nearby towns and have also planted maize hybrids. The company intends to continue this tradition in the future too, and would like to co-operate in producing maize hybrids in compliance with contracts beneficial for both parties.

The company continuously follows the development of technology. The average yields reach – and on many occasions exceed – the national average , due to the application of up-to-date and highly developed technology, and last but not least, to the innovative experts.

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