Cattle Breeding

Cattle-breeding was the particular activity of the company until 2010.

The milk producing dairy farm – with Holstein-Friz stock – was one of the most significant stocks of cattle in our county. The dairy farm in Csorba is in the county’s top 10 farms.

One of the principle tasks of fodder crops production is to produce the necessary quantity for animal farming. In 2010 due to the vis major situation caused by the extreme weather conditions we couldn’t permit to supply the existing animal stock with fodder plants grown by the company. As a result, the company management was obliged to make a decision to decrease the milk producing cattle stock.
Since then the cattle farm has made great progress, now operating with 920 livestock, 450 cows and its progeny. We are proud that our cows standard lactation is continuously growing, a cow produced an average of 10,232 kg milk in 2014.

Likewise, the company continuously emphasises on high level milk production and excellent milk quality, which is guaranteed by the healthy animal stock of high genetic value. Professional feeding and keeping of animals, as well as the efficient milking equipment and cooling system provide the continuous production of high quality milk. Focusing on the all-time market needs, the company sells the male calves and keeps female calves for the new generation.