Szenttamási Tej appeared for the first time at the 29th ’Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Days of Alföld’ in Hódmezővásárhely. At the stand set up in Hall 3, visitors were greeted with fresh dairy tastings, gifts, surprises and a good atmosphere. For our high-quality appearance the organizers thanked us with a special diploma.

The guests also mentioned the unique taste experience, the fresh effects of the products and the beautiful appearance. The positive feedbacks have given the new brand a lot of strength and energy to move steadily towards their goals of getting Szenttamási’s dairy products to as many regions and municipalities as possible.

According to the leaders of Szenttamási tej, production, developments and the appearance of the event will also accelerate, so it is expected that the dairy farm will double its network of resellers in the Alföld region, even in 2022.

Szenttamási Tej