New and innovative production of domestically bred rose and rootstock varieties

In the framework of the Pannon Breeding GINOP 2.2.1-15-2017-00042 project, which has been running since 2017, entitled “Development of a propagating material pre-base for marketing the results of Hungarian rose breeding and selection”, we conducted some of the researches of Gergely Márk and evaluated them for adaptation to extreme production conditions. The varieties have been studied in collaboration with researchers from several disciplines for three years, and as a result of this long observation, 4 noble rose varieties have been tested best, areas or extreme low or high temperatures and, as a very important aspect, proved to be easy and well propagated. These varieties are „Toronto” „Nagybacon” and candidate number 3 „Picurka”.

The article can be read on the website of Mezőhír magazine.